ilu is a puzzle game solved with light. 

In the boundless void of space, countless forgotten worlds drift in the dark. Long ago, these desolate planets lost their star mothers & with them the ability to warm their dark & frozen features. It is your mission to bring light & life to these abandoned landscapes.

You are an intergalactic explorer that can create fertile ecosystems by solving puzzles with globes of terraforming light. Puzzles are solved by filling the game board with this light. Once the game board is fully illuminated, an explosion of beautifully animated alien plants burst to life. When all of the puzzles on a planet are solved, a chain reaction of life transforms the entire world into a lush oasis.


  • Infinite puzzles to solve — Never run out of entertaining challenges.
  • Infinite planets to transform — Procedurally generated worlds ensure that you'll always have new, fascinating landscapes to explore & transform.
  • Adaptive soundtrack — The composition, rhythm & tune change in response to specific events in the game.
  • Play along with the songs — Every time you place a light, it plays a perfect note, always in harmony and part of the melody.
  • Elegant graphics — Geometric forms & soothing color palettes create a hypnotic & relaxing experience.
  • Engaging game play — Simple rules. Challenging solutions.
  • 5 levels of difficulty — Select the level that suits you the best.
  • Suit & Ship upgrades — It's important to dress for success, even in space.
  • Collect your own planetary systems — All of your terraformed beauties are placed in an easy-to-access collection. Visit them anytime.
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Brainium Studios

Making of ilu

ilu was created by a small team of passionate designers & engineers at Brainium Studios, an independent game studio based in Portland, Oregon. Established in 2008, Brainium Studios has created a number of well-loved casual mobile games. ilu is the 9th (and most ambitious) game to date.