Hand of Greed

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Hand of Greed
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Legend has it that Hand of Greed was created to test the agility and speed of members of an ancient guild of thieves. This intense and unique adventure game challenges your reflexes, timing, and speed in a mystical, blade strewn gauntlet. Avoid everything from swinging guillotines to spiraling saw blades, as you rack up wealth by grabbing ancient coins, valuable gems, and more!

Hand of Greed by Brainium is the most exciting, beautifully rendered, immersive reflex game you've ever played.

What customers are saying:

"Excellent entertainment. Tough enough to keep you trying yet not so hard it’s impossible. (But will definitely take a bunch of tries on some levels!)"
Kwalityguru (Sep 4, 2013)


  • Available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • Exciting animations, rich graphics, and compelling sound effects
  • Perfectly crafted challenges that increase gradually
  • Increase your physical and mental agility